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QUESTION:   I have a small home and have accumulated a lot over the years.   What are some of your suggestions in getting ready to put my place on the market?


It is very important to prepare your home for viewings once it is on the market.  You only get one chance to be a new listing.  Opening up your space can go a long way.  You want potential buyers to come in and feel comfortable moving about.  I always recommend clearing off as  many surfaces as you can and remove small (extra) pieces of furniture to help with flow of foot traffic.   If you have a lot of family  pictures, take most of them down ad leave just a few.   You do not want a buyer walking into your home and seeing your life there.   We want them to start picturing themselves there.   If needed, rent a pod and pack things up that you won't need including non-seasonal items, extra furniture, bins from weeding out your closets, items in the attic and basement that won't be needed.   The pod can be stored and delivered to your new place the day you move.   Many sellers with a lot of extra stuff have found this to be extremely helpful.   And of course, take advantage of your town's refuse removal.  

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