Short Sale Program

A short sale can be a solution for a homeowner who needs to sell and who owes more on their home than what it is worth. A short sale occurs when a homeowner asks a lender to accept less than the full amount owed. At this time, many banks and lenders have become more negotiable when it comes to 'short sales'.

A 'short sale' might be a good alternative to foreclosure if your circumstances are such that you cannot afford your mortgage payments and you are suffering a financial hardship.

This is a complicated process that takes the expertise of experienced professionals.

Not only do we have staff who are proficient and experienced in representing Sellers in the 'short sale process'; we also work closely with a local law firm who is extremely experienced in handling the negotiations with banks and mortgage companies and who will help you negotiate with your lender(s) and put together the information you need to apply for a short sale. It is not just a matter of a bank agreeing to a 'short sale'; but rather, a matter of looking at all possible options, and submitting a detailed request with all of the requisite documentation to a lender.

Both the attorney and this office do not charge for any upfront fees, and we only get paid if the property successfully sells. The real estate commission and all other expenses are usually derived from the sale proceeds.

If you have any questions about a short sale, please contact us.