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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

After I met Maria Cappadona I was convinced that I had picked the right Broker
From the start Maria outlined to me what she planned to do and took care of everything which made it easy
for me. I was impressed with her knowledge of what needed to be done and how she took control to see that
everything got done on time.
During the entire process Maria was always accessible and kept me updated. I never had a problem reaching
Maria with questions and getting timely and clear answers to my questions. Maria always took time with me
to make sure I understood all the issues and answers to me questions. Maria always reached out to me when
necessary so i was always up to date on any issues.
Maria made it easy for me during the entire process. She was always taking care of the things that needed to
be done. From the start she went over all of the issues in selling and made suggestions about the property to
get it ready. Another big help was that when i needed outside work to be done (getting the house cleaned up,
yard work etc) she was able to recommend outside vendors which I used and all were excellent to work with.

The closing was very smooth and thanks to Maria's hard work the final sale was more than what I expected.

Ed Butland, Medford

Steve was phenomenal! He is patient, empathetic, and gets to know what you need and what you’re looking
for so he can find you the right home. Once you have, he helps you through the entire process which is very
Adam Weldai, Malden

Valerie was the most professional and graceful agent for the purchase of my new home. The agent selling
the property I had bought was incredibly difficult to work with, but Valerie handled it with grace and
professionalism. She completed all tasks on time and helped keep everyone on track throughout the process.
If it weren't for Valerie, my closing would have been delayed. She helped mitigate the closing delay while the
seller's agent complained instead of helping. Valerie has always been professional and polite but witnessing
the other agent's attitude made me realize Valerie was above and beyond amazing. I'm grateful to have
gotten the chance to work with her because I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. She got the job done
and I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.
Courtney, Andover

Valerie was an incredible agent for the sale of my home. She not only had it on the market in a timely
manner, she had the unit under agreement in less than three days in the middle of a global pandemic. I
would recommend Valerie to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their property because I know she can do it
quickly with grace and poise. I have never met a more dedicated agent than Valerie - and she was incredibly
courteous and professional to everyone throughout the whole process!
Courtney, Andover

Laurie has extensive knowledge and experience in the Medford real estate markets. This was very helpful to
my daughter and I throughout the process.
Dan Sullivan Wilmington ma

I've enjoyed working with Maureen for the past 8 years selling and buying properites around the Boston area.
Maureen is an excellent agent with lots of experience and knowledge; Thank you Maureen for a great job
selling my condo and it's much appreciated for making it a smooth transition.   Michael Zalt Hamden, CT


We were very happy with Dan Fabbri, our broker. He was so comprehensive in helping us in every way with
our sale, particularly during this challenging Covid 19 crisis. His team member, Terry, at the Century 21
Advance office was simply outstanding. I highly recommend Dan and if the occasion arises, would not
hesitate to enlist his help again.
We would rate Mr Fabbri a consumate professional who was effective and comfortable to work with in every
way. We are very happy with our decision to contract with him.
Again, Terry in the Century 21 Advance office is a valuable team member and a pleasure to deal with when
reaching out for information.
Complete satisfaction and appreciation for seeing us through every step of the marketing, sale and closing on
this property.
Annette Gange, Wakefield


I cannot thank Connie enough for all the help she gave me in finding my new home. I was desperate to sell
my condo. I did not know where I was going to end up. It was a stressful time for me. However, Connie was
there to help me through the most difficult moments. She made everything much easier for me. I would not
be in this wonderful home without her help. She made it all possible. I cannot thank her enough for all her
efforts. She is a great person and a great realtor. I will always value her help and her friendship.
Kathleen Murphy Stoneham

Connie was very helpful and knowledgeable in helping me to find a new home. It was a hectic time for me
and she made the process so easy and stress free. Her experience was invaluable. I cannot thank her
enough for helping me purchase my new home..... Kathleen Murphy   Medford


We would definitely refer Connie Botticelli to any of our family and friends that are considering buying or
selling a house. She always has your best interests at heart. She is caring, competent and professional.
Again Century 21 is VERY lucky to have her on their staff..... Donna Hussey  Medford


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