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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

A friend referred me to David Tassinari because he worked with him when he purchased his house. He recommended him because he liked his service and he said that he is a very dedicated person. that he always answered his phone calls and he is very knowledgeable. David Tassinari helped us a lot with understanding the market and what we should do once we find our dream house. he was very helpful throughout the process. That was our first experience, but he made it such an enjoyable experience. I will refer all my friends who intend to purchase a house. David made us feel that he is part of our family. The fact that I was able to reach him any time during the day, nights and even weekends, made us feel that he is one of our family. He is very polite, humble and down to earth person. I really appreciate the great work he did. Now that I purchased my house, David will remain a friend that I will keep in touch with. David is going to be added to my list of best friends....... Karima Cherguaoui, Malden, MA

A Pro . ...........  Steve Brady

Thank You for your professional helps :) ............................Joe Pham

I like Steven a lot, he is friendly and the knowledge about the house market is amazing. Steven is the best................................Kwon Tong, 13 Thurman St. Everett MA

Connie Botticelli was a pleasure to have as my real estate agent. She was very polite and friendly and always answered my questions and responded to my calls promptly. She also offered excellent advice and helped me make informed decisions. I am extremely pleased with the sale of my condominium. I will definitely be recommending Connie Botticelli and Century 21 Advance Realty to my family and friends. Thank you again for helping me sell my house....Nikin Shrestha, Somerville MA

Maria did a terrific job in selling our home. Our home was sold at a great price and closed quickly. We had already moved out and were out of state. Maria took care of our home, had it cleaned for us after we moved out, regularly checked our mail for packages that were not forwarded to our new address, and mailed items we had left behind to our new home.........Siddhartha Krishnamurthy

Thanks Maria for her excellent job!............ Jifeng Liu

In our P&S there was a 2 week extension option for closing. Maria Cappadona stepped up and made sure the extension papers were filed when we weren't sure that our lawyer had taken care of the extension. On the day of our move Maria showed up with coffee and donuts for everyone. She went above and beyond in many aspects of this transaction. Even after the sale was completed she kept tabs on our move into our new home. Such a sincere, genuine and generous person.......  John and Karen Pessia

Alice Sahakian was very professional and always available to respond to any questions we had. She did an outstanding job in listening to our needs and her knowledge of the area was the exact help we needed when looking for the perfect house for our family. Friends and family member that want to look for a house will definitely be recommended to seek Alice. She's made such a stressful process less stressful for sure. Can't thank her enough for all the help......... Jennifer Rezende, Malden 

Mike is very professional and well versed realtor was an absolute pleasure to work with......... Donald, Stoneham

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