Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Shawn was always very helpful with any questions I had also he would have frequent open houses and

showing which helped sell my house in a short period of time. He was very pleasant to work with........................Evelyn



I have known the office as it is local to my home. The broker/agent who contacted me lives in the area is was

very understanding and knowledgeable about my needs.

The Agent was professional, caring, detailed and considerate when addressing my needs and questions.

Words cannot describe how satisfied I am with my agent and the brokerage firm.

This sale was not going to be easy because it was part of an estate and I had no where to go. The agent

took control of the entire situation and the end result was better than ever expected. ...................Donna M.



Mr. Francis Molis is professional, friendly . He represent me as the buying agent. He analyzed the market

well. Good communication between buyer and seller. I highly recommend Francis Molis in the real estate

business....................... Peter, Boston



Alice Sahakian was a pleasure to deal with. She responded quickly to any of my questions and was

thoroughly helpful and friendly throughout the whole process. I got the sense that she is a true professional

and knows exactly what she's doing. If I ever get a chance to buy another house, I'll be sure to go to her first.

Thanks, Alice! .............................A. Gevorgyan, North Shore



Maureen Schlegel went above and beyond my expectations as my broker.

I would greatly recommend her to anyone considering a broker to help in the

sale of a house............ Paul Dulong  Chelmsford, MA.



First, I would like to thank God for giving me a place to live. I was very thankful that Maria was my agent (my

family). Maria hasn't only helped me to secure a mortgage, but she went to far from that. I haven't bought a

car after I moved to Boston, so obviously you can imagine how hard it would be to get around as I had to go

to different open houses. I don't think any broker can do that, but Maria did.She really made my life easier.

She gave me a ride to each and every open houses I went including Lynn, Saugus, and Woburn. Loyal,

honest, helpful, professional, etc are not enough words to explain her. I had full trust on Maria and she was

very supportive and listens and understands my needs. I chose my mortgage bank as a result of Maria's

recommendation and I am so glad that I switched to citizens bank. I feel like Maria is given to me by God.

She Aquarius a full knowledge of what she is doing. She loves her work and she is so passionate. Maria is

very determined, hard worker, perseverance, and above all kind. I will definitely recommend Maria for my

friends, families and colleagues.

May God bless you.......... Love Semere and Aki



Maureen did excellent in all aspects of our sale. She had it listed very timely, and she answered the many

questions we had regarding the house. There were four of us that owned the property and so there were

many questions that she answered quickly and knowledgeably. I would highly recommend her for anyone

selling or buying a home.

Very understanding of all our worry's and concerns thru this very intricate process. Selling two homes and

buying another is no easy task.......... June Buendia     Loouis Buendia


Dan knows the market extremely well. His initial estimate was extremely close to our final price and was

better than all estimates provided by other realtors.

He also has a great team, which is very important. Dan responds in a timely manner. He does not put too

much pressure on the seller. He also works very well with other realtors........  Kathleen Papageorgiou, Stewartsville NJ



Connie Botticelli grew up down the street from where I lived briefly so I had a somewhat personal link. But

more importantly she knew what she was talking about and had a good handle on the situation. She was also

much more honest about aspects of the sale than other realtors.

I was quite satisfied with Connie Botticelli's the sale prep, execution, follow-up, and the money gotten. I have

not a thing to complain about. I've used Century 21 on other home buys/sells and have never had a

complaint. Everything always worked out well and smoothly in the end.

Connie Botticelli was always there when I had any sort of question or needed any sort of info. If she did not

have the answer, she'd get it for you.

One final thing I liked about working with Connie Botticelli: She always gave you straight, honest answers to

my questions and in her evaluations of the changing selling situation. I respected her opinions and

evaluations and valued them as a basis for my actions...... John Calabro, Melrose



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