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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Rich helped me buy a home previously and was great. Rich was great this time around as well. He goes
above and Beyond to help the process and answer questions. I would and do highly recommend him.
Connie White, Rowley

"Rich Worob is by far the best realtor we've worked with. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking seriously. His knowledge of the area as well as his detailed eye for potential issues is why we stuck with Rich for so long. There is a trust factor that cannot be quantified when buying a house, that help and assistance is greatly appreciated."...... Michael Lucey

We had a great experience working with Rich. We looked at places for over a year and he handled our 10+ offers until we finally found a winner. Rich has lots of knowledge and experience, which was invaluable for us as new homeowners. He was honest and we trusted his opinions. I highly recommend him, especially to other people new to the process.........Emily M, Malden

Rich was great - very knowledgeable, helpful and responsive..... Gina Wu, Medford

"We heard very good things about Rich that he is very good at knowing properties and does a through research before suggesting it to us. All good things we heard we actually got to experience so our process went very smoothly. Rich has a good knowledge about the properties and you notice it the first time you talk to him. He did an excellent job for us and our first home purchase was effortless. He uses all new technologies to communicate and work through the process and listens to all your questions and gets prompt answers for them.  I would definitely recommend Rich to anyone who is looking to buy a house."...............Vaibhav Hinge, Melrose

"We've dealt with Rich before and developed a good relationship with him.  Rich's honesty and evaluation of properties that we attended together is his biggest asset. It felt as though he wanted us to be happy rather than pushing into a property that might have not worked for us. It was a good experience. His knowledge of the area and houses in general helped us make a good choice"........Jason D

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